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Music Moves Europe Talent Awards (also ‘we’) is organized by Stichting Noorderslag, established and based in Groningen, Trompsingel 21 (registered in the trade register under number 02061408) and Reeperbahn Festival. The awards are implemented in close cooperation with the European Commission and financially supported by Creative Europe.

At Music Moves Europe Talent Awards we take your privacy seriously and believe you should know what personal information we collect and how we use it. We have done our best to keep this explanation brief and understandable. If you want to learn more or need more information, you can always contact us via

We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. If this happens we will notify you through our website and if applicable and necessary, ask you to renew your permission.

Our Privacy Policy is designed with you in mind. With our renewed policy we embrace privacy by design and try to minimize personal information collection. However, to provide high-quality services, we need certain information as a (necessary) condition.

How this privacy policy applies to you, depends on the way you interact with us. 

For example, if you vote in the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards Public Choice campaign, we will ask for your name, surname, email and country in order to verify your vote.


This privacy policy explains how Music Moves Europe Talent Awards processes personal data, collected from visitors, artists, and data that we acquire through our website and/or social media. 

Please note, this privacy policy does not apply to websites or systems managed by third parties. If you have a question about a system that is not managed by Music Moves Europe Talent Awards  we advise you to consult their privacy policy.

We ensure you that all personal information handled by Music Moves Europe Talent Awards is treated confidentially and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Which personal information do we collect?

  • When you use our website(s), we collect information such as browser and device information, IP address, location, the website you navigated from, what you did and did not click on our site/app, which pages you visited, and when you stopped using it. For more information, about website and app data please consult our Cookie Policy. If you use the social media function on our website or app to post something, we will receive basic information about you which is linked to your social media account.
  • If you as a visitor at one of our events you might have to be listed on the guest list. For that reason we will ask you to provide us your basic personal information such as name and email.
  • If you want to participate in the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards Public Choice campaign, and vote for your favourite artist, we will ask you to provide us your basic personal information such as name, email and country of origin.
  • Because we take footage of our events (i.e. video recordings and/or photos), you may be filmed during your visit. We reserve the right to use these recordings for both promotional and safety-related purposes.
  • In case we knowingly collect the personal data of a child (person younger than 16 years), we will ask parents for their permission. We will collect and use such information exclusively for the purposes specified at the time of collection. This excludes the recordings described above.

How do we use your personal information and why?

  • We use your personal information to administer the agreement with you. We will use your personal information when you enter into a contracted relationship with us (if you use other services we offer), so we can:
    – provide service messages/customer service
    – comply with legal obligations
  • We use your personal information for our business needs, such as:
    – To conduct market research to improve and adapt our products and services.
    – To achieve our marketing objectives.
    – To ensure the safety of our activities and participants.
  • We use your personal information to:
    – keep you up to date with our future events, products, and services. If you want to change this setting, you can unsubscribe or edit your preferences using the link in our emails or request a change via
    – deliver customized advertising on our website. Please, consult our Cookie Policy.
    – able to adapt them to your preference.
  • We will use personal information that we request in the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards Public Choice : 
    – contact the winners of the Public Choice award ; 

Music Moves Europe Talent Awards and/or our media partners may make (or have made) video, audio and/or sound recordings during the event in which you, as a visitor, may be featured. We take the right to use these recordings on our website or social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube) to promote the event. The recordings may be also used by our media partners, online, on radio and/or television as well as made public and/or multiplied on various media channels, without us and/or our media partners owing you any compensation.

Additionally, Music Moves Europe Talent Awards creates backups and stores data to ensure optimal performance of our systems. The backups will only be used in case of a failure to restore our systems. The backup data will not be used for any other purposes than described above.

Browsing data, cookies and Google Analytics

To facilitate navigation on our website, we reserve the right, like most other websites, to collect user data using cookies. Cookies are small pieces of information (files) that the website leaves behind on the user’s computer. The website instructs the web browser to store these files on the visitor’s computer. Cookies can be adapted to your preference or turned off through the web browser. 

We collect, (temporarily) store and analyze your browsing data to optimize your visit and usage of our website with Google Analytics.

We use this service to follow and receive reports about how visitors use our website. Google may provide this information to third parties if Google is required by law to do so or insofar third parties process the information on behalf of Google. We have no influence on this. We concluded a processing agreement with Google, we anonymized the last octet of your IP-address within Google Analytics and turned off ‘sharing data’, also for advertising purposes. We do not use any other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.

Social Media

On our website, we feature buttons that link to social media channels (including Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook). Featured social media networks may place cookies in these buttons on our website. We do not have any influence over the usage of this data as it is handled by a third party and not Music Moves Europe Talent Awards. Every social media network is independently responsible for the usage and facilitation of the obtained data. In order to learn more, review the privacy policy and general terms and conditions of the relevant social media network.

Camera surveillance

For your safety and the safety of other visitors, staff, and property, some Music Moves Europe Talent Awards locations are video surveilled. The surveillance recordings are monitored live and may only in case of calamities  be given as supporting material to government agencies, including the police and judiciary. The surveillance recordings will be destroyed within 4 weeks after the event, unless an incident has occurred in which case the recordings will be destroyed as soon as we consider the incident to be dealt with entirely.

Who do we share your information with and why?

The information we receive we share:

  • Within Music Moves Europe Talent Awards and with partners who provide services to us. This includes data storage services, marketing and reporting systems, technical support and invoicing etc.
  • With external service providers, also known as data processors. Such services include cloud platforms. These third parties provide the IT infrastructure for our products and systems. The list of third party processors is below.
  • With third parties who deliver goods and services you purchased (i.e. festival tickets, hotel rooms, bus or parking tickets)
  • With government agencies or other competent authorities when this is legally required.

We share your personal information with those third parties, who deliver the products or services for Music Moves Europe Talent Awards or on our behalf. The third parties use your personal information so they can process and carry out your order. We have entered into the necessary agreements with such third parties, including Mailchimp and Google, to ensure that your personal data is processed and protected by the European and Dutch law.

Please note that the third parties that deliver services, such as the ticketing platform (Universe Experiences Inc.) and the payment provider (Stripe, Inc.), work according to their own terms and conditions and privacy policies (UniverseStripe), which you will accept when creating an account with such third party. Music Moves Europe Talent Awards has no control over these third parties and is never liable for any action or omission of such third party.

Third Party Data Processors

Data Retention

We do not store your personal data longer than necessary. The usual deadline to delete personal data is two years after finalizing your order, unless a longer retention period is mandated or permitted under the applicable law. 

In case of claims or disputes we may retain data for a longer period to secure evidence.

Your preferences and rights

Your preferences

After you have agreed with our Privacy Policy and/or Terms and Conditions, you can change your preferences as follows:

  • If you no longer wish to receive our marketing newsletter(s), you can adjust this setting by using the unsubscribe buttons at the bottom of our newsletter emails. You can also contact us via and we will manually adjust the settings for you. 
  • If you wish to edit or disable cookies on our website, please consult our Cookie Policy in the future.

Your rights

After you have allowed us to use your personal information, you can still change your mind. Under certain circumstances you have the right to:

  • Revoke your consent to process your data,
  • Request to delete or not use your data,
  • Request a copy of all your personal information we keep about you,
  • Request to rectify or update your information,
  • Request transfer of the personal data that you have provided to us to a third party of your choice.

Please note that we may ask for a proof of identity before letting you view, add or delete your information.

To utilize one of the rights above, please contact our head office via Please note that every inquiry will be processed within 4 weeks.

How we protect your information?

Music Moves Europe Talent Awards has put in place appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your personal information against accidental or unlawful processing or loss. These security measures depend on the type of information we collect.

We do everything we can to prevent misuse, loss, unauthorized access, unwanted disclosure and unauthorized changes to the data we are administering, by working in safe online environments, keeping our staff informed about the online safety and by aligning our activities with the GDPR standards. 

For more information about how we secure your data, please contact us.

Where do we process your personal data?

As an organization operating internationally, we may use services from companies which are located outside the European Economic Area (EEA). When personal information is shared via these services, strict rules apply to ensure that your data is protected on the highest level possible. When your data is transferred outside the EEA, we use one of the mechanisms below to ensure the safety of the personal information.

  • The recipient has signed a contract with us based on “model contractual clauses” approved by the European Commission.
  • The data is transferred to a recipient that is certified under the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework for this kind of data transfers.

How can you get in touch with us?

If you have questions about our privacy policy or complaints regarding the way we treat your personal data, you can reach us via We will process your inquiry as soon as possible and will come back to you within 4 weeks.

You can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority, however, we advise you to always contact us first.

Music Moves Europe Talent Awards has the right to change this Privacy Policy. In that case the new version of the Privacy Policy will be made public on the website of Music Moves Europe Talent Awards and we will notify you through a temporary banner. The amendment will take effect as soon as the new version of the Privacy Policy is posted.