The MME Education Programme

As part of the MME Awards prize package, every nominee can attend the MME Education Programme on Eurosonic Noorderslag (ESNS). That means: a packed afternoon where nominees meet important bookers (Sziget) and young music professionals, learn about digital strategy, mental health, the cultural rider, the challenges of green touring, syncing music, independent labels and more. We spoke to our very own Daniel de Keizer (Program Manager) and Edlef Heeling (Project Manager) about this year's programme.

Why is the Education Programme in the MME prize package?

Daniel: "Capacity building is extremely important, not only for us as the MME Awards, but in general for emerging artists and their teams. Our goal is to provide them with the latest insights and to share our wide network with the nominated artists. Knowledge = power!

On the day itself, the 15 nominees hear from our partners and other music industry professionals on important topics. The goal is always to hand out tools to grow your artist career. A mini conference, if you will, including workshops, panels and keynotes ;-)"

What are some of the themes of the programme?

Daniel: "There are 3 central themes. The first one is 'Take Care of Yourself', the second one is 'Take Care of Your Repertoire' and lastly 'Take Care Of Your Growing Career'. They're about mental health, your music and artist brand and how to move forward in your career."

Can you share some of the panels you're personally looking forward to?

Daniel: "I'd love to! Mental health is a very important topic to me, as I work closely with artists myself. The first talk from Sudha Kheterpal (percussionist for Faithless, Kylie Minogue and more) is going to be an inspiring one. She knows a lot about the pressure of touring, creating new music and having a fandom. Maintaining mental health through all that can be very challenging. Sudha tells us more on how to navigate that."

Edlef: "I'm personally looking forward to the talk about the new cultural riders (a document sent to venues before an artist comes to perform) with Caspar Harvey (Manager Sans Soucis) and Isabeau Keurntjes (Paradiso). Diversity and inclusion is a relevant topic and learning how to combine this with touring is thought-provoking. We'll talk about feeling safe, food preferences, behavioral preferences, pronouns, neurodiversity and more."

Both: "The insides on 'syncing' will probably also be really cool. Laura Bell (Music Supervisor) explains the process behind finding the right music for films, commercials or series. Additionally, she explains how the industry behind syncing works and which parties are involved."

Edlef: "These are only 3 of the topics - you can imagine the entire program is full of abundance."

Daniel, you're Program Manager. How do you start?

"Firstly, I always look at relevant topics that are being talking about today. Next, I'm stepping into the shoes of emerging artists, listening in to see what's important to them. And lastly I look at in which stage of their career they currently are and come up with topics and professionals that help them move further. Everybody's supposed to get energy from each other. Speakers from artists, and artists from speakers. Not just top down. I love it when I see that happening on the day itself and when the plan comes together."

What's the most exciting thing about a day like this?

Daniel: "I would say, the practical tools you will have once the day is over. We try to make it as vibrant as possible, which is why there's not only panels but workshops as well, and the artists are always invited to join the conversation. It's easy to follow, not too much information, but fully focused on tools you can put to use immediately."

See you soon! <3

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