Arny Margret: "My thumb is shorter than the other."

Dec 06 / 2023

15 nominees. It's quite the number. How on EARTH are you going to know which artists to vote for, for the Public Choice Award? We've got you covered. In our 2 min read, you'll learn about their pets, favorite artists, funny stories and listen to their inspirations. Next up: Arny Margret.

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Arny Margret and I’m from Isafjordur, a little town in the Westfjords of Iceland.

Tell us how you started making music.

I got my first guitar when I was 14. I had been playing piano and a few other instruments since I was 6 but I think I started to like music for real when I was 14. As I was learning to play the guitar myself I found some music I liked and artists that inspired me. Slowly, with time I tried writing songs myself.

Tell us a little secret (almost) nobody knows about you.

My short thumb is shorter than the other. Oh, and I’m a good swimmer.

Send us a pic of your pet (if you have one).

The best gig I've ever been to is Gregory Alan Isakov in the Roundhouse in London. I cried.

Tell us the last song you’ve listened to, and tell us something you like about that song.

'Lullaby' by Grace Ives. It’s just a nice song to get in a good mood, we’ve been listening to in on tour with Ásgeir.

What album (or albums) have shaped you the most as an artist and generally as a person? What impact did they have on you?

'Evening Machines' by Gregory Alan Isakov and 'The Bearer of Bad News' by Andy Shauf. It just brings back memories from highschool and also their lyrics are something else.

Name a song people wouldn’t expect you to like and shortly tell us why.

'Goodie Bag' by Still Woozy or 'Die Young' by Sylvan Esso. Both kind of upbeat songs, I think when people think of me it’s either folk or some kind of very slow and chill music, but I never really know what I like until I hear it.

Name a song lyric that has inspired you and shortly tell us why.

"Did I stumble through your darkness, or was I just another one." It’s just really beautiful and cool.

You've created a playlist for us, to give us a peek into your inspirations. Tell us about it!

All of my favorite songs and artists I listen to in one place!