Berry Galazka: "I'd like to put Royal Blood, Sega Bodega and Stromae in a room with me"

Dec 12 / 2023

15 nominees. It's quite the number. How on EARTH are you going to know which artists to vote for, for the Public Choice Award? We've got you covered. In our 2 min read, you'll learn about their pets, favorite artists, funny stories and listen to their inspirations. Next up: Berry Galazka.

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Berry Galazka, and I'm from Jacksonville Beach, Florida. My family roots originate in Warsaw and Mazovia Province (Poland).

Tell us how you started making music.

I started out wanting to be a painter, but making music came more naturally to me. I'm an only child, so being in my own head and making stuff alone has always suited my disposition. I moved to London a few years ago to pursue being an artist and ironically my music is now inspired by paintings.

Tell us a little secret (almost) nobody knows about you.

I like to binge-watch an ultra-niche YouTube channel called 'Old World Florida'

Send us a pic of your pet (if you have one).

I don't currently have one, but I grew up with lots of dobermans, a main coon cat called Chopin and too many guinea pigs to count. One day I'd like to have my own poodle.

I believe that a lot of people's issues would be solved if they just read some Carl Jung and stopped valuing logic over chaos. And study your dreams.

Tell us the last song you’ve listened to, and tell us something you like about that song.

The song I've been listened to on repeat is GIRLI's new song 'Matriarchy', she's making such great pop music that's got fresh lyrics, huge melodies and great production. She's smashing it. And the chorus is always popping into my head.

What's the best gig you've ever been to?

Stromae is the best performer I've ever witnessed.

Which song of your own is the most significant to you and why?

'Dream Caused By The Flight Of A Bee' is significant because it was exactly what I set out to make. I wanted a stream of consciousness song and to name it after my favorite painting. I love my verses, especially the lyric 'Wanna dive deep / then count them sheep / speak at the Sorbonne / fees not cheap'.

It's referencing when Dali did a speech in a scuba costume to emphasize the importance of diving deep into the subconscious, which you access via dreams. And to dream you must count sheep (to fall asleep).

All the verse lyrics are incredibly layered and referential, but I'm probably the only one who gets all the references, haha. Also, this new music that is coming out now is the most introspective and free I've been. 'Grind' is the first chapter. What comes next is a black hole...

What album (or albums) have shaped you the most as an artist and generally as a person? What impact did they have on you?

Stromae's 'racine carrée' is monumental to me. His mixing of genres is not like anything I've ever heard before. I don't even speak French, but his emotions come through and it's as if I knew exactly what he was talking about.

I've since translated all the lyrics to English. His storytelling is so niche, and I love how he puts sad lyrics in happy songs. For example, 'Papaoutai' was huge in the dance world, people think it's this fun happy song, but it's about his dad being gone. The chorus literally translates to 'Where are you? Dad, where are you?". I love that.

Name a song lyric that has inspired you and tell us why.

'Chonkyfire' by Outkast: "Another stormy night in Atlanta, Georgia. Overcast, but on behalf of Outkast, I cordially invite you to an emotion filled theater, bring your umbrella 'cause young fella it gets no weirder."

This is André 3000 's verse and it's such a surreal and descriptive lyric. I imagine myself in this rainy cartoon world walking to the theater filled with weird characters and Outkast is performing.

And Andre's flow is so casual, that when he first rapped it I had to go back a few times to see if I was imagining him saying "an emotion filled theater". It's just so strange and simple... I go back to this song nearly every day.

Is there a song people wouldn't expect you to like?

'Carribean Blue' by Enya... I mean, I was surprised I liked it so much... It's so layered and pretty.

Any new music you are listening to right now?

Loving Melanie Martinez's new album 'Portals'.

Who is your dream collab with and why?

I'd like to put Royal Blood, Sega Bodega and Stromae in a room with me. Maybe Rick Rubin for good measure.

You've created a playlist for us, to give us a peek into your inspirations. Tell us about it!

Take a dive into my subconscious!