ClockClock: "We started from the couch"

Dec 24 / 2023

15 nominees. It's quite the number. How on EARTH are you going to know which artists to vote for, for the Public Choice Award? We've got you covered. In our 2 min read, you'll learn about their pets, favorite artists, funny stories and listen to their inspirations. Next up: ClockClock.

What is your name and where are you from?
Hello, we are ClockClock and we are from Germany. We live in Berlin, but originally, we
are from the southwestern part of Germany.

Tell us how you started making music.

The three of us come from a small town and one day I saw a Snapchat (a snap) of one of these guys. They posted a beat, so we met, and usually when you have people who have the same hobby in a small town you kind of stick together, and so that's what we did. And we liked each other from the get-go, made some songs, and that's it. We started from the couch, just in the bedroom basically, making music.

Tell us something you want to share about 2024.

We're jumping into the new year with a real kick-start with our second GSA Tour called “Dreamers” in 17 Cities starting with the MME Awards. When we started out, we were just three guys from a small town with big dreams. So the tour name “Dreamers” is really personal, about our perspective on the world and what dreaming means to us - both the good and the darker sides.

With this new era and the upcoming tour, we want to inspire and show that even in hard times, no dreamer is on their own. And well after the tour, we're really looking forward to a summer full of festival bookings and more upcoming projects to be excited about. We'll keep you posted!

Tell us the last song you’ve listened to, and tell us something you like about that song.

Well, the last song I (Boki) listened to is 'Baddadan' by Chase & Status. What I like about that song is that the energy is insane. I saw a video of a boiler room performance and the people went nuts. So, every time I listen to the song it just gets me going, I have to get up on my feet instantly.

What's the best gig you've ever been to?

Boki: Ryan Wesley, Heidelberg around 2011, it was crazy, in Halle02, which is by the way where we are set to play on the upcoming tour as well.

Feezy: Cypress Hill, Frauenfeld in Switzerland.

Mark: I rarely go to concerts, so this is quite difficult. Maybe one of our own gigs.

Which song of your own is the most significant to you and why?

Boki: 'Bury Me Alive' for me, because it was one of those songs that wanted to be written and it came from the heart, like literally from the heart. So every time I sing that song, I get back to the emotion of the song.

Feezy: Same, actually.

Mark: And 'When The Sun Don’t Shine', but yes 'Bury Me Alive'.