Freekind.:"I always blast 'Press' by Cardi B if I'm trying to annoy Nina"

Dec 04 / 2023

15 nominees. It's quite the number. How on EARTH are you going to know which artists to vote for, for the Public Choice Award? We've got you covered. In our 2 min read, you'll learn about their pets, favorite artists, funny stories and listen to their inspirations. First up: freekind.

What is your name and where are you from?
We are freekind. and we’re from Croatia and Slovenia.

Tell us how you started making music.

We were in a cover band together for a while and were trying to book a gig for that band but the organiser heard just the two of us on a random jam session and wanted to book us. We thought we might as well give it a try and started making our original music together. Very random. But makes perfect sense now.

Tell us a little secret (almost) nobody knows about you.

They’re secrets for a reason. So, no. :P

Send us a pic of your pet (if you have one).

We are living a sad life without any animals. Thanks for rubbing it in. Jokes aside, we would love to have animals living with us but are just too busy right now and it would break our hearts to have to leave them behind for shows or make them live in hectic conditions just to keep our company. One day though. It’ll be a whole farm. :)

What’s the best gig you’ve ever been to?

Well, the most recent amazing one was seeing Little Simz in Vienna. The energy, combined with the message was out of this world. Incredible.

Which song of your own is the most significant to you and why?

I (Sara) love 'Vulnerability' because it’s hard for me to open up. That song makes it easier. For Nina it’s 'Good Vibrations', because it’s a song with a great feel and the lyrics always resonate as it is our philosophy in one song.

We’re currently listening to Sampha’s new album 'Lahai'!

What album (or albums) have shaped you the most as an artist and generally as a person? What impact did they have on you?

For Nina it’s D’Angelo’s 'Voodoo'. It was the first taste of the whole Neo-Soul era that was unknown to her prior. For me (Sara) it’s unknown because I never really listened to music through albums. But the artist that touched me and left such an imprint was Donny Hathaway.

Name a song people wouldn’t expect you to like and shortly tell us why.

I sometimes annoyingly blast 'Press' by Cardi B if I'm trying to annoy Nina, haha. Nina really loves Christmas songs and her favorite is 'It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas' by Perry Como.

Who is your dream collab with and why?

Little Simz and H.E.R. Nina’s the biggest Little Simz fan so that’s a no brainer. H.E.R. because she’s such a versatile artist, and it would be a dream to just see her create, honestly. And of course her voice and writing.

You've created a playlist for us, to give us a peek into your inspirations. Tell us about it!

These 20 songs are a mixture of songs that inspire us, set a certain mood for the day or just songs we appreciate sonically without getting too deep into other aspects of the music. But we appreciate them all the same!