Liveurope Festival in Prague: a recap

May 30 / 2023

On the 25th and 26th of May, 5 MME artists played Liveurope Festival in Prague. We're quite proud! Let's see what KOIKOI, Kids Return, Amelie Siba, Bratři and Monikaze were up to.

In case you missed it (but why would you?): Liveurope is a rotating showcase festival. It's - as the name states - a European festival that tours around the globe. In each participating country, there's a venue that works with Liveurope. Each year, there's one event that binds them all together: Liveurope Festival. Two days in which you can see your favorite Liveurope performers again, in one venue. Of course - the venue is different every year. This time, Palác Akropolis in Prague took the stage.

With the festival, we’re bringing together programmers of Liveurope venues all over Europe, to see who they can book and to meet each other. Next to that, it’s a showcase festival for a general audience to discover a great diversity of artists.

Out of 18 artists performing at Liveurope Festival, there were 5 MME artists present. Quite the numbers! KOIKOI, Kids Return, Amelie Siba, Bratři and Monikaze had the honor of playing in front of hundreds of Czech people. Curious to find out how everything went? Follow our Instagram and take a look below...